This little corner


There is this little corner

piling dust in silence,

applies to you and me,

taking refuge in the dark

lean shadows as well,

reading each other’s lips

conceal our dense feeling

not merely who and why

the other side of the wall

answers all but forgotten faces

alight with interest,

the strong breeze brings an dreadful voice,

a sense of being haunted by the shade,

by now the yellow moon passes over the mountain

holding it up to the light

night is full of such moments

final act not visible from earth.

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About gopallahiri

Gopal Lahiri, a bilingual poet from India, has been writing poetry for more than twenty years. He has had five poetry collections in Bengali (mother tongue) and five collections in English. His poems appeared in print and electronic publications worldwide. He is a regular contributor of poems in several poetry web sites and magazines.

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