This is me

Blatant was the idea of
Drowning my sorrows,
For my life was bleak
And eyes blood shot.

There is a hubbub
In my own thoughts
And some of it cry
That I, a fool,
Some say incapable
And many feel pity.

I dabble in my daily business
Completely gagged
With only gallons of tears
Filling the halcyon days
And my subsequent idiocy.

Pep up, Pep up
Says my soul
For I was bludgeoned
With disasters all in a row.
And from some corner
I hear a strange voice whisper
That I be proud
Of what is capable of me
And disasters won’t last long
When I carry the free spirit of mine.

8 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Rashmi Malapur

    I enjoyed the poem for the ups and downs in emotions so well depicted through well selected words. I guess it is so natural to write a poem when you go through these emotions. Yes, you have to pull yourself out of waning hope. I loved reading your poem.

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