They Race Horses ,Don’t They?

They said there was no reason
for how it all happened ,
they all made their excuses
and left ;
Left you dead,dead meat
in the dead heat ,
where a dead heat
nearly became the result ;
of the Race that
you stopped running
after you fell
broke your leg
and all their fancy cameras
made their excuses
and left ;
left you alone screaming
as those who’d wagered upon you
cursed your name ,
cursed your birth
and tore up their slips;
They finished the Race
they had started ,
the Race-Sponsors got to finish
quaffing their champagne ;
You were already gone
and their memories of you
were already fading ;
They entered you in their races ,
you only ran for the
bigger carrots and an
extra bag of hay ;
and when you couldn’t run
no more for their entertainment ,
they all made their excuses
and left you for dead.

( In memoriam for “According to Pete” and “Synchronised”,Aintree,Grand National,April 14,2012)

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