These full lips


These full lips
Like two halves of cupid’s bow
Intersected with love forlorn
Capped with a trilling sweet voice
Cupped with a chin
And when you grin
The smile sways
And life rocks.

These full lips
Are so pink
So wet and so do I get
Lustrous, sensual, sexy
And it speaks on its own
Thousand words of love

These full lips
Grow round
Encircling my life
When you pout
And try to imprint them
On my cheeks.

These full lips
Savour my starved lips
And give them life
Nourishment, passion
And a reason not to die.

These full lips
Make me pounce
On your glory
And bifurcate my heart
And it’s each part
To crave to live and perish
But hold them under my lips
When my breath pass through
For one last time.

These full lips
Speaks of my life
Bygone and life that is
By your side and
Each minute when I am
Clenching them
Between my teeth
Unable to bite and chew
Yet taste and relish
your smile and you
As a part of me.

And a part of me
Slowly, carefully and steadily
Is melting down and
Converging the whole rusting me
To a shimmering something
under these full lips.

13 thoughts on “These full lips

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Note to the author :- An earlier reviewer had queried the identity of the author.I was curious to ascertain why your name & biog. weren’t visible on the poem as you had initially posted it. The answer was that under FORMATS – ” Image ” had been chosen when in fact “standard ” would have been appropriate. Hence the reappearance of your name and biog.

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