The Word Hunt

When I force my brain, some verse to find,
I discover blankness in my gloomy mind.
My hands fumble for the accurate words-
when I need nouns, there come verbs.
When a right few are caught in my glossy fist,
they slip at once and lost in a mist.
I follow them in a fit of rage
but they donโ€™t stay fit on my page
I let them go and wait for the new,
till I find a suitable few.
Itโ€™s only then, when I am calm
I have an apt verse in my palm.

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About aashi

Aashi Husain alias Fatima Afshan is a teacher by profession. She lives in India. Several of her poems have been published in anthologies like 'The Aquillrelle Wall of poetry book five and six', 'Umbilical Chords', 'The Divine Madness', The Dawn Beyond Waste', Colours of Refuge' etc.Apart from poetry, she likes to write short stories and articles too. She writes in Hindi, and Urdu languages also.

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