The Wonder of it All

I look at my creations
And I miss the rich chaos of your world
The myriad variety
Which is not really chaos
But whose patterns I only dimly realise
Not see

My creations ?
They fall into neat halves
And binaries
The good and the evil
The simple and the complicated
Is that how my mind works ?
Or is that what the world is really like ?
Did I reimagine the world
To make it easier for me to comprehend
Easier to organise ?
That’s what Al Khawarizmi taught us
That’s what computers do
Building algorithms from simple binaries
But I am no robot
Nor is my intelligence artificial

I feel like you today
Only so much smaller
So humbled
My Creator !
I shall give up trying so hard to understand you
For I know I cannot
I shall merely wonder and adore
Is that what happiness is ?
Or enlightenment ?
Or both ?

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

2 thoughts on “The Wonder of it All

  1. VijayNair

    A genuinely profound,reflective poem on the changing perspectives in the relationship between a creative artist and God.Excellent.


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