The Wind,My Enemy

Again my headache is back,
As long as the Wind blows on dusty streets
My headaches are here to stay,
to torment me
to screw my day around
So what!

Today I’m looking at blue skies,
the Sun seems warm through the window,
I shall watch the Spring
as a commercial between safe seasons,
safe seasons for me!
I declare war on the Wind
who imprisoned me inside my walls

2 thoughts on “The Wind,My Enemy

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    I very much enjoyed the unusal subject matter of ” The Wind ,My Enemy”. Allergies to pollen and dust , I’m guessing Hay Fever, was dealt with in a confident and engagingly humourous style. I liked the idea of being stuck indoors and watching the Spring as a commercial between safe seasons. ( editorial footnote:- Iulia,please note the minor editorial amendments to your original !! I hope these are of practical assisitance to you).

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