The Weaver

Yes, it was a new dawn
But my spirits drooped
Heavily I stooped
lost and forlorn
in the lawn.

Then things changed in a jiffy
As my eyes fell on a weaver spiffy.
In the first rays of the sun
It spun
A beautiful thing sublime
Elegant its gossamer rhyme
In every strand was hidden a tinkle
And a buoyant chime.

I loved the way the weaver rolled
On the morning cold .
The silver gossamer strands
Stretching from one tree to another
were tinted in gold.
The tiny architect and designer
Heaved and weaved
An intricate web
And received
My appreciative glance
As the sunbeams broke into dance
Foxtrotting on the gossamer strands.

Suddenly it took a false step and slipped
Damaging the majestic tapestry, but gripped
A tiny strand alternating between
Desperate ascent,
And frenzied descent.
Frantically it groped
Clinging to the tenuous edifice of hope
Scuttling across one broken strand
Feverishly resuming the renovation grand.
The never say die spirit scintillated and shone
As the web was reborn
As a beautiful rhyme sublime.
An exemplary tapestry was yet again spun
Under the sun.
Step by step, strand by strand
Before my eyes there was majesty grand.
I saw the weaver heaving, cleaving, retrieving
Firmly believing,
Not grieving and leaving
the weaving of this
Magical tapestry of rebirth , regeneration
and resurrection
from the debris of hope.
Now no longer did I mope
My spirits lifted as to me the weaver gifted
A gossamer rhyme.
In every strand I heard a tinkle
And a buoyant chime .
And the peals of labour

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An educationist with a passion for writing , having published some novels for young adults, some essays and some poems. My poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi will soon be published .

3 thoughts on “The Weaver

  1. SamTem

    Good work, it depicts, how your heart changes from darkness to a sunrise…filled with a new ray of hope and possibilities. good work

  2. SamTem

    A poem depicting a journey from darkness to light…filled with hope and new beginning. nice work Santosh…


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