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  1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

    From the top,Left to Right:-
    1)self-explanatory…..(2) Wakefield Wireless Mysteries premiered Sept.2014 at Lit Fes…..(3 & 4) LK Workshop at Lawefield Lane Primary with Cllr.Mitchell ,June 2013…..(5 & 6)Launch of WWM. at Tourist Info centre March 2013 with Mary Creagh MP,Mayor & Rachel Critchley …..(7 & 8)First WWM Script/Actors session June 2013 at Henry Boon’s…..(9)Black Horse Poets Anthology Launch October 2007…..(10) Civic Reception held at Wakefield Town Hall,March 2008 to honour 10 Years of Black Horse Poets…..(11) LK Workshop session at Flanshaw Junior School,July 2003…..(12)Launch of Poetry Wakefield magazine with Deputy Mayor and Dean of Cathedral,April 2005…..(13)Wakefield Poet of the Year,November 2007 with Walter Harrison and Lady Mayoress…..(14 & 15)Launch of Poets’Corner at Destiny Church with Mayor,January 2012 …..(16) First International Poetry Expo,Destiny Poets first major social media venture in October 2011 following launch in May 2011…..(17)September 2002 Launch at Cathedral of Cathedral Poets (following LK’s successful groundbreaking solo residency 2001-02)…..(18)Inauguration of Mary Creagh MP as Patron of Black Horse Poets in June 2008 by LK,President and the Rt.Hon Walter Harrison,former MP for Wakefield…..(19-see 17)…..(20) November 2008.Annual Black Horse Poets Wakefield Poetry Awards Evening-Poet of the Year.

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