The Unsaid Goodbye

The last embrace I often retrace
Straightening your cap and pulling your tie
You drew me close to whisper a lie,
‘See you soon’ you muttered planting a kiss,
Kisses that were my greatest bliss.

No goodbyes exchanged for that was the rule,
For the trip would be over in a blink
And you would knock before the spring
Turning around you walked away
And i kept watching your silhouette
getting smaller on the way
as your footsteps got silent in the night.

Counting the days I reveled in the dulcet aroma
of your skin that lingered against mine

But before the spring could witnessp
the next bloom
A tornado of ill fate left me marooned
When tring, tring rang the sonorous bell
And what followed was hard to tell

The storm gushed in, blowing the curtain to the ceiling

The chandelier crushed down ending in shards

Gloomy clouds blanketed the sky
And the rain howled shaking me to reality,

Thumping against the chest the heart cried

Entrapped in a conundrum stumbled my steps

Fingers dug deep striating the chest

As if to pluck out the bleeding heart
and mitigate the pain.

After eons, it seemed, they brought you.
Eyes turned into gargoyles seeing your remains
Wrapped in the highest honour
Waiting patiently to bid the unsaid goodbye

So valiantly you fought
To rid the nation of its hostile infestation
Deflecting all attacks valiantly
But this time they hit from the back cowardly,
When you started digging deeper in their track.
For no foreign enemy was in the file
But the very own fraudulent leaders in disguise.

3 thoughts on “The Unsaid Goodbye

  1. VijayNair

    As Frost once observed ,a poem begins in delight but ends in wisdom.This poem moves from romantic love to heroic sacrifice,and ends on a sudden realization of the truth.


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