The Underlings

Some were transported as slaves
Some taken as indentured labour
Some were conquered and made servants in their own homes
But some went
And made themselves slaves
And second class citizens forever
Of their own volition
Pretending to themselves
And to the world
That they had conquered the conquerors
In their own land
But their hearts know the truth
To abandon your people
To abandon your land
To abandon your birth givers
To leave in the lurch your nurturers
To leave uncared for the homes of your ancestors
To leave in pain and need those who most need you
Is that heroism ?
Is that achievement ?
Is that accomplishment ?
Your heart knows the truth .

There are a hundred false excuses
But not one real reason .

Who do you think you are fooling ?
And for how long ?
Why cry when the Faustian Bargain
Nears its end
And Mephistopheles
Comes to claim his own ?
For you have sold
For a seeming whole that is an empty hole
Your immortal unconquerable soul

The fault, Dear Two Timers
Is not in our Stars
But in us
That we are underlings

Oh Sacred Cows !
I dare to take you on
Whom others have only ever
Deferred to .

I have not
And I will not

I shall not be
An underling of underlings

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

3 thoughts on “The Underlings

  1. Narinderjit

    Very emotional but hard hitting verse on brain-drain. This is the harsh reality of life, well enunciated by the poet.


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