The Unbeliever


Behind the mask of pride,




I see you.


 All that you have is nothing,

and it breaks my heart.


I try to tell you,

but you won’t listen.

Faith is a risk,

admitting imperfections and defeat.



People will ridicule,

see you as a weak.

You don’t need such a crutch.



Truth is,

You do.


We all need Salvation.

Unconditional Love,

mere humans can’t offer,

however hard we try.


More than that,

Eternal life.

Through the most beautiful , faithful, tried and tested reality of all.

Best friend you can ever have.

Greatest Love you can ever know.



I pray for you,

because I remember when I thought nothing of Him too.

Jesus Freaks and crazy people.

Then the walls fell in,

nowhere to go, and ,

He found me.


I am forgiven.





I pray no walls fall in on you,

but if that’s what it takes,

so be it.


I pray hard you can find Him without.


He knows you already.

He Loves you already.

I do too,

and it breaks His heart,

and mine,

you can’t see Him.


Matthew 13: 16’

‘But blessed are your eyes because they see; and your ears because they hear.’

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