The Twin Raylets

The twin raylets, sneaked down
The invisible ladder hanging from the fog – festooned sky.
Silently, stealthily casting one look at the sleepy sun .
Holding hands , daintily , they lifted their golden skirts
Ah , their ankles dazzled.
At the comatose sun cocking a snook
With infantile joy, the golden beauties shook.
Out to have some fun
While the sun
slept under a foggy blanket.
With impish mischief their eyes shone
A bit diffident and ambivalent
The danseuses two
In the branches cavorted and gamboled
Performing a medley of dances
The tango. the flamenco.
The fox trot and twist.
The languorous branches stirred when kissed.
They pranced in the fronds, slurped away the dew
With a vigour new .
Now they bounced off a tiny puddle
Giving a cuddle
To a baby lapwing who was feeling cold
And warmly did fold
The cold lapwing
In double warmth.
With this kiss of life rejuvenated
The tiny lapwing suddenly took flight .
The sun threw away the foggy blanket
The raylets now no longer ambivalent
Were now full blown rays, setting everything right
The world now appeared bright.
Snow white clouds hung drowsily in the limpid blue
Shaming the sun into rising and shining.
Having accomplished their good deed of the day
The sunny benefactors two
Took the ladder back home .
Beaming at the tiny lapwing , no longer cold .
But now covered in gold.

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