The Tree that Gave Us Hope

We stood and gazed and marvelled

At a sight that God had sown,

For all who wished to marvel

At a tree God had grown.

Depth of Colour

Scent so divine,

That only one who knew

How to place a little heaven

Into something so grand, but new!


We stood and gazed and marvelled

At what could only be described,

As Lily Whites, with Melted Pinks,

Draped over a Deep Rich Green.

Sprinkled with shimmering crystals,

Glistening in the sun,

Twinkling in the morning sky

As the day had just begun!


With so much hate and anger

In our world today,

Destruction seems the key, but

With a new day dawning,


Crystals glistening anew

Upon a little heaven

Twinkling as dew;

Sprinkling some sunshine, and

Rays of Heavenly Hope

Take time to stand and marvel

At a Tree that gave us Hope!


© sew (2004)

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