The trap of life

Life has caught me in its trap

Yes, with its net of elevated notes

I feel intoxicated

So much

That I can only sit back

Close my eyes


And let the mystery of existence

Overwhelm my senses!


Pray, like the great queen of devotion

I seek to allow my heart to become

A bird of paradise

Such a one which would chirp

Only notes of mystical happiness

And reciprocal appreciation!


Pray, like a seer lost in a trance

I seek to have my soul

Enchanted, yet,

Pining for more of the mystical

So that it feeds upon such

And blooms into a most

Juicy fruit!


Pray, like a blinded one

I seek to complete my need

For the mundane and the senses

So that my mortal self feels fulfilled!


And then, someday

When I shall sit in the magical garden

Where life is fair, stable and safe

I shall look back

With warmth and with a drool

And I shall say

Yes, I lived

I lived as one in love with life

I lived

And bear no regrets of any sort!


I lived

And did allow Life to catch me in its trap

Made of a net of elevated notes!

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