The time zones of emotions

People’s emotions are like time zones.

Someone out there is a mellow morning
in whose crimson yellow warmth flower eyes bloom
and petal eyelids dance
merrily, merrily in mirth.

Someone out there is the night of the no moon-
plunged into a solitary black hole
exposed too early to the dark truth
from an unexpectedly early sunset
in a family of two.

Someone out there is an afternoon-
a fiery passionate rebellious red
shouting slogans for reforms
from the seething heat of hunger strike
of a cauldron belly.

Someone out there is that translucent wee hour
love-making secretly in the fantastic reality
of a romantic mood as two bowl lips
serve the best of their essences.

Still, yet, someone out there is that
delicate twilight-
nostalgia rains in collages of black and white
blurred memories of second childhood
invite the first
Eastman images flash in between.

People’s emotions are like time zones
and these time zones change
when left unperturbed
for the universe knows to strike a balance
and make equilibrium exist.

Brindha Vinodh

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About Brindha Vinodh

I am a postgraduate in Econometrics but a writer within. I have contributed to several anthologies and been published on many e-zines, journals, OPAS, etc. and a featured poet at an international publication house. My roseate sonnet was selected as one of the best poems of 2020 by the same group-InnerChildPress international.

6 thoughts on “The time zones of emotions

  1. Amita Paul

    An interesting and original idea about the simultaneous existence of myriad variousnesses in the world of phenomena.


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