The Three Women Of My Life

Succesful men, I’ve heard,
has a woman, with a helping hand..
But this man here, I now admit,
without three, can’t even stand…

And as always, my mother comes first,
without her, there wouldn’t be me..
Loving and caring, strong and demanding,
the very right mix, as a mother should be…

“to thee I owe, this very life,
at thy very feet, my heaven I see..
To tell you this, I’ve tried and failed,
alas! My love, you may never see…

You gave me all, and I returned nil,
guilty I am, and shall ever be..
Still the past, I wish to undo,
and as u wish, I want to be…”

The next a woman, I wouldn’t call,
‘coz always to me, a kid she’ll be..
Too mature, beyond her age,
but just a kid, she’s always to me…

From the time I remember, she’s been there,
as a friend, a sister and a guide..
She listens to me, in joy and pain,
from her never, I shall anything hide…

To speak of her, in paper and ink..
to fill the sea, with pebble and sand..
To measure the love, in her heart..
Impossible tasks, for a human hand…

Many a times, when I’m safe,
after an attack, of troubles sinister..
I have wondered, beyond wonder,
how men manage, without a sister…

And now the last, but not the least,
I present, the love of my life..
Calm and quite, and beautiful too,
she with her smile, lighted up my life…

She brought with her, to my life,
joy and smile, and all things good..
In sun and rain, and darkest of nights,
in flood and famine, by me she stood…

“dear oh dear!, I speak to you,
you stood by me, and I shall by you..
And this my dear, I pledge to you,
you stood by me, and I shall by you…”

There you go, my confession,
before you all, bare I stand..
This man here, I now admit,
without these three, can’t even stand…


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Contradictory and confusing as my thoughts, I am a Mechanical engineer working in an interior fit out firm, dreaming of one day making it as a poet and trying to learn card tricks :)

2 thoughts on “The Three Women Of My Life

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This particular poem is both genuinely very touching and endearing in the best sense of the word.Even the casual reader can tell from this poem that as “Joker” says in his profile,”It is only when I’m writing that I feel that I am something”.

  2. joker Post author

    thank you Louis.
    This was one of those poems that took me nearly a month to complete.
    The moment I thought of this topic, I had what we call a brainstorm. My head was buzzing with memories, thoughts, words.. It was a mess. It took me nearly a month to separate them and put them in an order.
    Even if not for this reason, this is one that I alway hold close to my heart.

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