Survival Of The Fittest Word

They sat on the table looking expectantly at me
Hordes and hordes of them
A virtual thesaurus
Ah words and words
Finely nuanced, equally abled
Some leaning on crutches
Some differently abled.
There was also an ammunition factory of words double barreled
Namby-pamby, shilly -shally
Willy-nilly, Dilly -dally
Hunched in helter- skelter confusion
They sat, dripping bellicosity in profusion.
Crouching and slouching
In an offensive mood
They looked rude .

Bouncing around
Waiting to pounce and trounce
The words differently abled.
“Use me “,shouted Malevolently
“No, me”, shrieked Belligerently.
In a frenzy of excitement he fell from the table.
So I picked up Malevolently and used him in my fable.

Not the one to give up easily
One more word slithered up the table
Trying to insinuate itself into my fable.
Ah tough it was to trounce Resiliently.
Power packed and ambitious it looked
Also supple and springy
Ah it was clingy
I was hooked .

It was stiff upper lipped
And had me totally gripped.
Unwavering it squatted
Occupying my table resiliently.
Mesmerizing me, hypnotizing me
I scurried out of the room in haste helter skelter
Wanting to take shelter
From this welter
Of words.
With a bouncy boom , it chased me
Wanting to trick me into a treat
And spook me out
I was doomed .

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