The summer of muted streets

The night is falling, slipping through the bricks
The sky is between colours
A storm is brooding nearby
Exalting hope
The clocks are melting
The hours are drooling sweat

The heat, gathered in long strangling ribbons is pushed away
By a feeble breeze
Mosquitoes will start buzzing soon and
I am exhausted, a sticky fatigue
But the heat won’t allow any rest
I take every breath cautiously
Like a play of hide and sick

With the summer heat altering the colour of the sky
I stay with my eyes wide open
Barely breathing, barely
Absorbing as much summer as my body can endure
Who knows what season will come next

What plague of locusts
What manifestation of sins will tarnish this land
What seas will split
What plastic idols would they reveal
What grounds will shake in disgust
What molten lava will seal sky and land
And everything in between

Back to the sky
Never seen before a sky so similar to a sidewalk
Cement coloured, no stars
Pressing down the heat
No car alarms, no human voices
Just heat, dripping sweat and a muted neighbourhood

10 thoughts on “The summer of muted streets

  1. Amita Paul

    Beautifully and feelingly written . I particularly loved the images and sensations conveyed via synaesthesia in the first stanza .

  2. Pushmaotee Subrun

    What molten lava will seal sky and land
    And everything in between…great use of imagery to depict the scorching heat!


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