The Struggle

There is a burden
A load to be carried
A war to be won
A mountain to be climbed
A test to be passed
A need to be met
Its an enigma

Daily we go about
Talking cheerfully
With smiles on our faces
But behind those smiles are tired eyes
within those tired eyes is a struggle
A fight for survival

There is a dream
A future so bright
Books to read, late night studying
You keep your eye on the prize
The struggle to be the best

There is a responsibility
a voluntary obligation
Kids to feed, fees to pay
morals to teach, prayers to pray
You make rules, you expect order
A kid obeys, but not the other
The fights in the home
Everyone wants to be understood.

There is a mountain
An hill to climb
A height to attain
You keep climbing
But the top seems too far
There is a zenith to reach
crawl or fly if you must
But the struggle continues

Through it all, we all have a story
A story we never tell;
From your little world
Take a moment and see
look closely at a friend
for behind the walls of laughter
lies the shattered being

The pained, the molested
They never tell,they keep fighting
They keep climbing
They drag the load when it becomes too heavy to carry
But they never quit life
For in the face of death
You find the motivation to live.

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