The Story is not over



Your eyes speak.
The untold story of your life
A life never lived
A life crucified upon a cross of gold
Tales of agony and apathy
Sorrow and alienation

After a long battle, tired you
Defeated and resigned to fate
Your fragile body and mind tell it all
You are fully exhausted
With very little life in you
No inertia, no motivation
To go-ahead with life
Its ebb and flow tide..

Have you ever looked at you
Or you only see you
In the mirror of others?
Have you ever lived a life
Which is your own
Or your entire life is for others
For those, you call your own?

When you look at their eyes
What do you see?
A virtual image of yours
The real you is somewhere else
Probably in the dreams of your parents

Look at yourself
The little girl playing with pebbles
Looking at the sky, counting stars
Wishing to have the moon in her hand.
Your dreams and fancies
Wishes and desires
You have killed long since
To live other’s whims and fancies

Are you in anyone’s dreams?
Are you in anyone’s family
The answer is a sad no
You are only deceiving yourself
How long you will live in a world
Which is not yours?

Does your life mean anything to you
Or every minute of which is for them
When no one near, physically and mentally
For whom shall you live?
What shall you do with your life?
When you are reduced to a nonentity
When no dreams to dream
When your dreams no more remain yours

Of what stuff you are made of
Don’t you have a life to live
A dream to dream
A wish to fulfil
A desire to have an identity
Or you are beyond human limitations
Don’t you have an existence of your own?
Are you above pleasure and pain?
Or you are completely lost
For you no separate you exist

Come on!
Before you reach a point of no return
For a change live for yourself
And for those for whom you are the whole world.
Come out of the bondage of relationships
There is a whole world waiting outside

The story is not over
Find yourself
Be what you actually are
Identify with the dreams of those
Who loved you the most
See! how beautiful life is
Be your own priority
Live for that moment for which
You have been waiting long since
Live for your petty wishes and trifling demands
Lovingly nurtured over the years
Chase the dreams once you dreamt
Live for that identity
Which is exclusively yours
There is nothing in between
You and your life
Live it as you wish.
Before it fades into nothing

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©

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About Smruti

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty, O.F.S, son of Raj Kishore and Shantilata Mohanty, born at Padmapur, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on 1.1.1963 is a multilingual poet, essayist and writer. He is a published poet and writer and a featured poet of PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry. His writings include essays, short stories, poems and novels which are published in newspapers and in various national and international magazines, journals and anthologies. Working as Finance Officer in Govt of Odisha, he writes extensively on life, its beauty and intricacies which are widely acclaimed. Poems are published in Mother Anthology by Hall of Poets, Voices of Aspirants by Poetry Planet, Mother by Poetry for Peace, Let the men speak for peace, Aroma of wilting petals, Anupam Bharat, Sourav, The Rock Pebbles, Symphony of Souls, Serious &Hilarious, Heartistry, World poetry on let there be peace, Complexion based discrimination global insight, Thought and Nature Anthology, New Creative Anteriority, Spring Window to peace, Indo African Anthology, Love at first sight, Spilling Essences, You and Me, A new beginning, Heart to Heart, Only you, My Valentine, Whispering Hearts, Poetic Rainbow, Fragrance of Asia, The Harmony, Sahitya Anand, East meets the West, Symphony of Peace, Pearls of Poesy, Ambrosia, International Anthology on Autism, Stars, Sky and Poiesis, Rain Drops of Love, Smrutire Parijat, Peace Lover, GloMag, Feb 2019, Tranquil Muse, Medley of Melodies, Nostalgia, Rise to Higher Essence, Cherry Toppings, Inked Thoughts, Whispering Poiesis, Rippling of Peace, Creative Anteriority, World for Piece, Traumas on Widows, Holistic Healing of Widow, The Global Literati Insights Research Journal, 1st issue 2018 etc. Poems are also featured in online magazines like, our poetry archive, GloMag etc., Poem, Destiny poets, Different truths,

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  1. VijayNair

    Be yourself. Be independent.Live your dreams.This seems to be the message of this earnest, motivating piece of writing.


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