The Flower

Awestruck, I heard the raucous bellicosity of the clouds
bent on drowning all the tiny sounds
Of a timid dawn,
while the fragile sparrow in the neighbour’s patch of lawn
its chirps hastily swallowed
a docile sun its action followed,
wrapped up its bolts, rays and beams
and slipped into the land of dreams.
It could sleep some more, dream some more.
Anyway , where was the joy in looking down on the land of gore?

One tiny flower on a stem long
Appeared to be bursting with the notes of an unsung song.
It swayed like a cobra to the notes of a snake charmer’s flute.
Perked by the spunk of the tiny flower ,the birds were no longer mute.
Undeterred by the brewing storm ,they flew out of their nests
Turned up their noses at the belligerent clouds , puffed out their chests
and lustily applauded the confidence of the swaying flower.
The tiny flower continued dancing away merrily to its own tune- a lone star.
But soon the shimmering sunbird and the starling chestnut cheeked
The blue whistling Thrush and the parrot red beaked

Came out of hiding , so did the wrens , mynas, orioles and a kingfisher lone
To create a sweet symphony all their own
Now the flower had a following huge
what started as a trickle was soon a deluge.
Melding chirp with chirp and tweet with tweet
Unitedly, they composed a melody sweet
A tiny squirrel stood on its hind legs and watched round eyed
As the birds cheered on the tiny plant, which unfazed by the storm, stood its ground.
A brave story of resilience by the puny plant was scripted
and in a spurt of generosity to the harassed world gifted.

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