The speaking shadow…..

Chasing dreams with unbeatable spirit

With flying colours roaring to flag in the sky

Waving the burial of estranged emotions

To pour the dew of tears on the dead stone

That refused to melt against the testimony to time

For it was gone far away to be caught

But still in the frenzy nights

Waves whisper of its being

where the quiescent soul slumbers wrapping the blanket of shadow

shadow that’s not me,yet it’s mine

holding the benevolent smile

For it knows no barrier

Like a triumphant warrior

Gambling life all along

Like a ferocious lion

It will come all alone

Thundering the plethora of joy,hope and love

on the verge of eruption from the shackles of graveyard

will pristine the life from the ashes

like the phoenix to bestow the bliss of blessings

forever to be alive in the breaths

its the only submerge that isolates

for it’s the shadow that speaks………….

2 thoughts on “The Speaking Shadow

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The contemporaneously published works , ” My Souls’s Resonance ” and ” The Speaking Shadow ” ,present the reader with a distinguished pair of vibrant and lively poetic narratives suffused with a deftness and incisive grasp of their subject matter. An impressive first post and share with Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets from our very newest registered member, Shamsher Singh !

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