The songs of my soul

Can you hear the songs of my soul

As it alternates its rhythms according

To how the wheels of existence choose my fate?


Pray, can you hear it as it screams in pain

Refusing to adhere to its obligations

But being compelled to, as if driven

By some invisible threads tied to it?


Can you hear it laugh, as jovially as fairies do

When it experiences the lightness of its own being

Submerged and sinking in between the deep waters of bliss

There where mermaids sing of their own mystery

And there where sharks are as mild as bunnies!


Pray, can you hear it whisper, overwhelmed,

Exhausted, by the powerful will of love,

Unable to do anything else other than close its eyes

And submit to the sweet rhythms of it?


Why, can you just not be in awe

Amazed at her ability to sing an opera

When it decides to celebrate the beautiful side of life?


Pray, can you hear it hum the secret tunes of shamans

As it chooses to delve on the secrets of life

Those which remain unseen and unfelt by the lot of humankind?


Why, my soul, like those of the rest of the living world

Sings, according to the sways of existence

It seeks to be heard

So as to be appeased

As responding to it implies caring about it


Subtle and unseen

Such remains a hard feat


Pray, closing my eyes in between the walls of my own reclusion

I let the silence drown me in its marshlands

While hoping to be buried so deep

In the engulfing darkness

As to catch the wavelengths on which my soul sings!

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