The Sombre Horizon

Curved farther the terra firma, fondling the offing beneath,

Mystified among the azure sky and cerulean sea,

There she awaits placidly till the day pass over,

Shying from the gaze, pressing against the wind.

Drape herself in the shade of gamboge as his,

To embrace the glorious groom at the dusk,

Douching him to pacify the towering thirst,

Imbibing the inferno, smearing over her body.

Ceding the longings and love, she bids adieu to him,

Put the sombre gown, evading herself in the darkness.

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Professionally I am a life science researcher, trying to reveal biological truths. But poetry helps me to search my inner truth. I was introduced to poetry by my father who is a poet. I see poetry as a medium to express my emotions, imaginations and opinions

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