The sleepy night and the sleepless me

Oh, this sleepy night and the sleepless me!
I tried to write but came to me, no poetry
I asked her, ‘why are you still up, sweetie!’
She made a face- Eh, don’t u like my company ?
I said , ‘Yes,yes,  I do!’
But only when I engage with you
in a creative or amorous parley
She laughed, ‘oh then get used to me’
Only when we both keep awake and chase the morn
Shall love be found or verse be born
The idea had just begun to like me
That darling sleep blew whistles three
And back to bed I sprang
Thus came to me, neither poetry nor love
Not the messy earth nor the ideal sky above!

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About Swati Chandra

I write poetry now and then solely for myself, depending upon my mood and often I end up writing about social issues, though largely, I write to express my emotions that only my pen and the paper understand the most.

5 thoughts on “The sleepy night and the sleepless me

  1. ramesh rai

    When the night is at her peak but eyes are open to listen her sweet song then the poet attune his thoughts to give them words. Lovely and charmful write. Thanks for sharing.


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