The skies’ watchful eye

It is believed that the powers found

Beyond the bluish veil of the skies


Do feel the need to communicate with us!

Yes, they do


Through the medium of dreams


In the form of clear visions

While we do sleep

So that we do wake up with tremors

As if, we have been thunderstruck!


I have seen it in dreams

That little ripple on the surface

Of my soul’s still waters

Yes, I have felt it

That little lurch in the very depth

Of my heart’s treasure chest

Yes, I have accepted it

With the very vivid perception of my mind!


I do trust the skies’ wish

Of course, I do also trust the winds of my fate

I know they shall blow the little bit of petal

That I am

Towards my celestially chosen destination

I trust

They shall even splay unwanted shrubs from my path

And even slay poisonous snakes to help me keep well!

Why, the skies

Are from where I fell

The skies are there where I shall be someday

Meanwhile, I do warm up

Knowing that they do keep on me

A tender watchful eye!


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