The Silent Lullaby

the beauty of the song no one can hear
the rhythm of loves sweet melody so dear
the song sang in a silent lullaby ever rare
as rhymes flow like waters deep and clear

let the heart that’s long been drowned in tears
withstand the ghastly roaring thunder of fears
never shivering knees to buckle in struggles
standing strong to walk with living puzzles

around we go in a destined journey without end
with bruises and wounds, only time can mend
burdened sorrows, prayer to heaven shall send
head bowed humbly in shuddered knees to bend

the howling in the darkened night stunting the moon
to rise and shine along the shore of the living dune
the whirling winds keep on and on with dust of time
a mirror of the universe in sparkling stars that mime

the speck of dust that made a being whole again
a heart within that meddle with torment and pain
in this imperfect world, forbidden soul shall remain
beholding the chant of silent lullaby in a sad refrain

upon my feet, before this body laid on the ground
may the earthen glory of a silent song be found
to sing for just even once, the song of silent sound
beneath the unseen shadow entwined and bound

soon time that angels shall kinder a heavenly light
to warm my heart and soul with magnificent delight
the unmeasured and the unconditional love in sight
visions the glorious mystical divinity of Gods’ might

if i shall let thine eyes fall asleep in deep slumber
the silent lullaby be sent in my hearts chamber
my blood in my veins to flow and so remember
that my song will forever be in silence to ponder

upon the shimmering ripples of every waters flow
when the breeze of the cold wind felt in its blow
look at me in the skies with all glitters and glow
hear the rhythms of my angels’ song softly and slow

n acrylic painting by suzette portes san jose

Image may contain: outdoor and water
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About suzette portes san jose

ABOUT THE AUTHOR SUZETTE PORTES SAN JOSE She was born and raised in Cebu City, spent her elementary years at Stella Maris School, Franciscan Missionary Sisters at Mabolo, Banilad, Cebu City and her high school years at the University of San Carlos Girls High School, Holy Spirit Sisters. She went to college at the University of San Carlos, SVD Priest in Cebu City, Philippines. She is a University half scholar from high school to college. She was born with a passion for writing and living in her art forms. She started writing online in 2013. She now has joined 18 book anthologies from 2015 to 2019. Each of her poems is written with her painting as visuals and is now appearing internationally, namely in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, and the Philippines. She is also a recipient of multiple awards for her ARTworks and Literary works. She was awarded Poet of the Year in 2017 by one of the prestigious poetry site Destiny Poets International Community of Poets UK. Also, a regular contributor to GloMag a monthly issued magazine in India. She has also published her 2 narrative poem Chapbook book "As The Wind Blows" and "Whispering Silence" in the 10 part series. She has also done her first-authored book "The Dawning" along with other books Isle of Words and Colors Vol 1 "Footprints from Every Waks of Life", Isles of Words and Colors Vol. 2 "Journey to the New Horizon" and Kirky’s Adventure Vol.1. Now coming up with Isle of Words and Colors Vol. 3 "At The Rainbows End" and her 2nd book "Whisperings". It has always been her dream to leave her legacy as a fulfilled artist and for her next generation to follow her footsteps. A dream comes true. Thank you, Kirk Dominic (granddaughter) Wilyam Gabriel SJ Reyes (grandson) and Angelito Portes San Jose (only son) for dreams that came to reality.

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