Shadows of my Poetry

The shadows of my poetry
Shadows thy swirling
And, sparrows chirping
Sky and I both are awake
Me with my tears flowing in words
And sky too cried whole night
Paper of grasses became greener with Dews
Oh the greatest irony
All are here listening to my words
Don’t know what these words means
But believe me my silence have infinite poems
For withered yet untethered was my soul
For it was the conspiracy of resonance
That I die every moment to breathe
For a moment of my love
And yes don’t dare to ask me of love
I here say ,Before you and Before all
Am ready to embrace infinite deaths for one live
But again the shakespearean tragedy
Won and I failed
For its written by you, I won’t say by almighty
And I kept dying, dying, dying
But nobody could feel the pain nor my silent sober
They ask what happened??
What should I say
My life is lifeless because so and so..
I don’t need few words of empathy or sympathy
Let you pray for my darling death
My dream, my destiny
That my thrust remained thirsty
With its own unparalleled impulse of love
You won’t see ever,
You won’t feel ever
You won’t understand ever
And the silence of mine is teasing infinite mirrors
But who cares
Neither sunflower stops kissing sun
Nor waves stops drinking the wine
And here my heart is out
And ‘ the shadow of my poetry’
Sprouts but alas to fade only

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