The sea from the window

Oh yes, the sea was there looking blue
she was spilling herself into my eyes every morning, early
in the night I felt her calm and and dense
I have swallowed a wave or two
just enough to taste her bitterness
She spanked me joyfully

Oh yes, the sea was there looking blue

She drowned me in her frame-less horizon
honestly, the drunkenness was total
The thirst got stung in a shell
I have denied all the hate skins
The sand covered my shadow
The wave wallowed me, rolled me and silenced me
Oh yes, the sea was there where I have left her….

4 thoughts on “The sea from the window

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” The Sea from the window ” conveys a sense of disquiet and mystery. The Sea itself as some kind of conscious entity though not altogether a friendly one. ” covered “, ” drowned ” and “silenced ” all carry the implication of lurking menace.

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