The Road To Utopia

I trekked on this vast arid land without a definite destination
Conquered the seas, climbed the highest mountain peak
Seeking a sacred haven here on earth
A place where my yearning soul  truly belongs,
Fell many times along the road
But got up on my feet once more
Just to reach that sanctuary where I long to be.

A weary heart, exhausted body
But my soul refused to give up
To discover what I was looking for
Met various people along the way,
Some wicked ones who don’t believe in what I say
I won’t let these enemies win
Their evil mockeries won’t shake my will.

Is it a sin to chase what my heart truly desires?
Could the heavens open up its doors just to whisper
To my ears where is the right path to follow?
Could there be someone out there,
To act as my blessed Guide
Calm my spirit when I grow weary
Encourage me when I feel disheartened.

And so I traversed the road to my own utopia
As angels try to console me singing hymns of a cheerful melody
I can see from the far horizon my future is finally dawning upon me,
A streak of colorful hues envelopes my being
When a rainbow after the rains suddenly illuminated my dark path
Heaven is just waiting for me out there
Looking at myself at my reflection by the lake I told myself, “This is the place where I really belong.”

Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright 2013

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