The Road map

The road map
of the world
on the leaf of
genetical magic.

Like seed cells
in the umbilical cord
every living
and nonliving
have digital
grains in veins
and charted

when the eyes
are opened
to the vast expanse
one would
fall into the beauty
of silence.

One day all
yellow leaves will
fall on earth
into the fold of nature

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About Satheesan Rangorath

Hi I am from Kerala a state situated in the south western tip of the Indian subcontinent.Poetry is my passion. I think i am not a poet. I am just a man standing on the shore of poetry with respect and awe.The most beautiful poem ever created is nothing but the nature. I believe that.I scribble some words in the format of poem and i do not know if it becomes a poem.Ah my full name is Satheesan Rangorth. I am pleased to announce that I have published a collection of my poems in a book titled as SNAPSHOTS OF A FIREFLY.The book is available on line at AMAZON.COM My second collection of my poems titled "Memory Sprouts" Vol I, II, III was publidhed in 2019 that's all friends Satheesan Rangorath

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