The Returning (2)





The Returning (2)The time has come for the returning,
I have been away, far too long;
Searching –
For God knows what?
For ‘that’ obscure lost thing
I have stood on many battlefields,
Loved on distant shores,
Broke bread with beggars,
And with kings.

I have been in their treeless deserts,
Crawled through the dust,
Of drought soaked lands;
Walked in forests
Where Eden could have grown,
Listened to false whispers,
While ignoring those of truth,
Had my colours trampled on –
By those without a soul.

My skin is scored with many scars,
My mouth, crushed by many lips;
And sometimes I think
I hear voices in my head;
I have distilled fear in others,
But also drunk from that same cup,
Fate has taken many of my friends –
And left me here undead.

© (Löst Viking) ( December 2015) John Anthony Fingletonöst-Viking/746104845419195

10 thoughts on “The Returning (2)

  1. Kamlesh Acharya

    Fascinating description of the trials and tribulations of the soul earnestly looking for its salvation without knowing it as that. Thanks for sharing.


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