The Renunciate Writes



When I decided to die
( to the world , you understand )
I first gave up simple pleasures
( not as penance , you understand ,
just as practice )
If that sounds fairly high
( faluting lofty grand )
I will name the treasures
( to be taken slowly
with a glass of pastis )

I gave up

Work – yes , Work
To do or to shirk
It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures
If one correctly measures
And judiciously

I gave up

Relationships – yes , they hurt
But when to give what to skirt
Engages you
They give warmth colour love
Which is both vulture and dove
Life gauges you

I gave up

Friendship – and all its ease
Doing just as you please
Helping one another bear
With strength rough and fair

I gave up

Gardening – Oh that was hard
I love flowers and green sward
Lifts me up
It is not just can and hose
And it is not only the Rose
But Buttercup

And it’s a big But

But I cheated as you’ll see
For I kept back my Tea
Which makes me sing
And I kept back Poetry
Which in effect means to me

( So I’m dead to the world
With my books I lie curled
Simple pleasures gradually
I learn also to set free
I must might even give up Tea
But please God , not Poetry
Amen )

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

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