Christopher Marlowe’s Fate

Four figures
in a room
darkly conclaved,
hushed breath escapes
the mirrors’embrace
leaving no trace
of having been expelled
from any mouth nor
orifice so plain that
might betray the breather’s fear
of leaving imprints in the air;
Amid this spectral scene
where meaning and word
intertwine where shadow and
light dance their silent pavane,
swirling about,word without meaning,
meaning without form,form without
content into an empty shapeless
void where trails of reason
evaporate and each horizon
bears a false dawn.

Ye Footnote….
(Back in 1997,I was inspired to compose this poetic palimpsest after reading an account into the playwright,and Shakespeare’s greatest rival,Christopher Marlowe’s death at a tavern in Deptford following an argument over an unpaid Bill;it was known that CM engaged in the profession of “Intelligencer”,ie Spy, for Walsingham,good Queen Bess’spymaster.)

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    1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

      The very same. Marlowe is believed to have been “an intelligencer”in the pay of Walsingham,the Queen’s Spy Chief.Theatres and those associated with them,actors,writers,etc. were considered hotbeds of sedition. It was a popular culture given that established theatre companies such as the one Shakespeare was part owner of for example,were always identified with particular factions within Elizabeth’s Court .

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