Walk With God

When you were born
You didn’t know it then
Jesus already died
For your sin

He gave you choices
Way back then
To begin your life
Once again

Don’t follow the bait
Get your head on straight
Cause that’s the way to wait
With a clean slate

Being in the hood
That’s no good
Going with God
That’s understood.

When He walks by your side
He will be your guide
When He walks before
He will open the door

Walk with God

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About Jan P

I was born and raised and still live in the great state of Oklahoma in the U.S.A. I live in Oklahoma City and have lived her for over 40 years. Came from a small town in eastern Oklahoma. I was raised on a farm as my daddy was a sharecropper. I worked for the Department of Defense for over 30 years. I am now retired and trying to catch up on all the things I didn't get to do when I worked. I have written poetry for many years, but only recently started writing more since I have found a place where others can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

8 thoughts on “Walk With God

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    An engaging poem that presents its Faith perspective with alacrity.

    Editorial footnote :-
    Given the poem’s intended brevity, I don’t think that the middle two lines in the last stanza actually add anything. I also think that the final line ” So walk with God” might be sharpened by dropping the “So”. In fact as i write this, it occurs to me that ” Walk with God” would prove to be a more apt title for the poem .What do you think?

    1. Jan P Post author

      I think after reading it again that you are right. It does make a good rap type song, but walking with God is actually the intent. I plan to change it now.

    1. Jan P Post author

      Thank you for your comment Lokesh Roy. I appreciate any input you might have.
      I have often tried to write prose type poems, but they don’t seem to work for me. I don’t understand why. Maybe you could give me some input that would help.


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