The Rain


It will rain!
Here comes the cloud, pregnant with abundance of rain
the long awaited rain
the dryness has gone on for so long…
the season of drought and thirst will soon end
as the day turns dark with the overhead
mass of gathered water.

I look up to the now dark skies
I see the lighning light up the sky
like fireworks on a festival night
I can almost hear the farmers heave a sigh of relief!
I can almost hear the ground rejoice
as soon it will take in the abundance of water coming down.

I hear the rumbling of the thunder
deep as a caged lion’s roar for freedom
I see children strip down to their underpants
ready for an heavenly bath!

Here comes the start of a new season
As the big splashes hit the ground
I smell a strange scent arise from the ground
as dust mixes with water
oh how I love that scent!
As long abandoned gardens feel the rain
the flowers bust out with joy
as they fill the air with their wonderful fragrance
Finally the God of the rain has blessed us
once again with this beautiful gift
coupled with the radiance of the rainbow.

2 thoughts on “The Rain

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for March 2014 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . Poem of the Month – * In Winter – Michael Yates *….. Highly Commended (tabulated alphabetically).. – * Bare Hands – Sangeeta Ajay*…..* For Jim Morrison – Ampat Koshy *…..* I Ran Out Of Words – Jan Christian Sorensen *…..* (A) New Life – Elizabeth Castillo *…..* Night – Samuel Cody Ford * -…..* Oneness – Lata Tewari * ….* Pendulum – Rahul Aithal *…..* (The) Rain – Ogunjimi O.Joel *…..* Resilience – Gopal Lahiri *…..* War And Peace – Saakshi Chanana…..* What You Cannot – Dom Kafle *…..* Vanity – Mary Annie *…..

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