The Puppet Returns to Go (The Puppet – 11)

For the myriad ways
I cherish the air
you casually breathe…

For the thousand dawns
I find in every sunset…

For the untimely comets
crossing my star-gazing eyes;
for the colours flickering at me
from the drab brown curtains…

For the music of my own voice
rather than its silent death;
for the fragrance of wild roses
surpassing the nosy minds
with no minds in their noses…

For the delectableness of rolling words
between your palates and fingers;
for childhood dreams resurrected
with the unforgivably sweet petrichor…

For the leaves that quiver
in the stagnant evening air;
for the vertical sheets of rain
replacing my eyelashes…

For the earth I can meld into my arms
despite the thorns and stones…

For what I am and want to be,
for the sake of my soul’s satellites,
a sign board as wooden as me
I put up, on the way to town:

“For Sale! The Puppet…”

– May 18th, 2016
© Sana Rose 2016

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