The Psychiatrist


The Psychiatrist

With your own way, purely untouched, you prescribed
Antidote to calm
Your beloved’s unhindered desperation, emerged
Of uncountable days,
Passed in your absence, counting; the sinking throbs
Of her heart

Like loaded clouds shower, on dried spears,
By the side of a mountain
As high as your beloved’s unsaid pleas, in waiting,
As if assured, your sheen would strech silver-lining
In her eyes

Smoothly, smoothly healing; the aches soaked
In the fluid that flow through arteries and veins

Naheed Akhtar ©
All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “The Psychiatrist

  1. Amita Paul

    This poem appears to be soaked in heartache that seeks scientific therapy . The lines of antimony of old fashioned “ surma” could well seem silver when stretched or etched into comparison the soothing dark smoothness of “ kaajal” or the modern day fashion of kohl- lining , that adds to the shininess of eyes , often blurred by tears due to separation from the beloved. Many tropes , traditional and modern , are touched in this short poem.

    1. Naheed Akhtar Post author

      Highly grateful and obliged for the words of yours dear ma’am ❤️❤️
      I am touched to see you find such detailed analysis in the poem… overwhelmed I am!


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