The principle of beauty

‘I have left no immortal work behind me — nothing to make any friend proud of my memory but I have loved the principle of beauty in all things, and if I had time, I  would have made myself remembered’…………..John Keats


Treading the path of life,

I adhered not to the principles

Established by the world

In connection with beauty——-

What is beautiful and what is not beautiful.

With my own experiences, I do understand

That all are beautiful

And I find not the cockroach

Less beautiful than the butterfly.


Who is ugly and who is beautiful?

All are beautiful depending on the onlooker.

Who is beautifully touchable and who is not?

All are touchable,

My inner voice says so

And my audacity of thoughts defines thus,

All creations of God

Are beautifully touchable.


Warfare and destruction are rampant

And the battlefield too has her beauties—–

The beauty of fighting like a patriot,

To protect one’s motherland,

The beauty of dying like a hero

And the beauty of accepting death

When and where it comes.


There is beauty in adversity,

Where one learns perseverance, forbearance,

Endurance pared to perfection.

The mundanely meandering river,

The papier mache puppets, the delineated rubble

Are all glimpses of beauty

Where experience beautifully crystallizes

Into blissful memories.


Every flower promises to be a fruit,

Every son promises to be a man,

Every well promises water,

Every oyster promises a pearl,

Every breeze promises a fragrance,

Every poet promises a poem,

Every woman promises the beauty of breasts

And every man promises the strength of muscles,

All based on the principle of beauty.


Look around,

There is always

A promise of beauty

For the principle of beauty

Falters not and wavers not.


pramila khadun




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