The Praying Girl

  I know that you can’t see Him,

or comprehend His Ways.

I know you cannot hear Him,

think : just a girl who prays.


I know you think: misguided,

her life has made her so.


 you know what,

it matters not,

 Jesus loves me so.


We meet at different places,

some values intertwine,

but  shallow is the moment

compared with the Divine.


I can’t seem to reach you,

 or help you understand.

There’s more, much more,

than here and now.

Everything was planned.


In my heart such sadness,

for those who cannot see.

Enslaved in worldly madness,

while The Truth would set you free.



 so short,

 the passing days.

 Needs and wants, and stuff.

The rich die young,

their song unsung

and never have enough.


Gods riches are Eternal.

His promises are true

His Love so unconditional,

with Grace for all we do.


I pray for those who cannot see,

Have no ears to hear.

I pray that God will shine from me,

 draw them ever near.

I pray somehow,

some way,

 some Light

can spark a little glow.

That poor misguided praying girl,

God would have you know.

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