The Power of Dreams



I cannot go inside your dreams,
Only angels know that place.
And if I recognised you –
Would you have a different face?
The rising tide that washed our feet;
Has long reached a different shore,
The clouds have changed from dragons,
And just turned to clouds once more;
The roadside knows my footsteps –
Somehow an echo has remained,
But the crossroad sign has turned around,
Nothing here is still the same.
So which road will I follow now?
I’ve crossed rivers, waded streams,
For me it doesn’t matter –
No, for me it doesn’t matter –
I have lost the power of dreams.

6 thoughts on “The Power of Dreams

    1. John Anthony Fingleton

      Thank you Louis for your comments and reading the poem….sorry I am a little late replying I am in transit from South America to France at present.

    1. John Anthony Fingleton

      Thank you Maya, please excuse me at present …I will get around to reading some of your work when I settle.


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