The Portrait

A poem by Naheed Akhtar

The acutely gladdened delight seen;
Glows my countenance brighter
In effects of the preserved,
Warmth crimsoned of luminescence
While I gazed into your eyes Onyx

Oh! lost in the expensive scintillations;
Angelic myself I did decipher
How blissful the canopy
Clasped me in its arms
While your gaze kissed me repeatedly

Gotten amazed, for so much comfort,
Being an object of such affection
As if your image filled me wholly
And the skies above me twirled unclouded
While our gazes embraced each other

Naheed Akhtar ©
All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “The Portrait

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The reader will welcome this piece of effulgent hyperbole as one might a stampede of a herd of Wildebeest.
    One’s enjoyment being entirely dependent on one’s views on being trampled to death.

  2. Amita Paul

    Colour , light and emotion suffuse this hyperbolic expression of extravagant romance wherein all rules are thrown to the four winds.


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