The Poor Boy

His granny told him so many stories
how to send messages to God
through writing message on kites
through writing message on paper boat
sun, moon, stars, air, rain and light
all can convey his message to God/

Had the poor boy ever tasted bread and butter
had the poor boy realised pains of his mother
who had to work hard for two times bread
his anxieties for his mother made him perplexed
for healing over wounds of his mother.

So, he decided to approach the God
to make him rich and fulfill his needs.

He started sending message to God
through kite paper boat and every ripple
of rays lights and winds

Getting frequent messages of poor boy
God had to appear and ask him
if he was made rich
to fulfill his all needs
all his doors would be closed
thenceforth his life would be futile
would be deprived of his actions
had he been attaining through all actions
more precious than all jewels of earth.

The poor but wise boy realised the fact
and accepted the last verdict.

ramesh rai


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Poetry!! ! The Expression of soul. Poetry ! A perpetual stream of sacred consciousness flowing ever and ever beyond planets and stars and even plenty of universe. writing poetry since teen age. Use to write chiefly in three languages viz English, Bengali and Hindi.Retired from government service still have to cover a long journey. Life may come Life may go but a poet goes on for ever.

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