4 thoughts on “The Play

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    For the benefit of the casual reader who might encounter this for the first time.Could you explain who or what may have inspired you to write this?

    1. tapeshwar Post author

      The baby was born as a choice at the hands of the God’s grace.
      But the fate tore him/her with the pain in everyday life.
      And repeatidely HE asks us to be compassionate and caring to others
      inspite of the fact that being born itself is another kind of fetter.
      And YOU remind us again in the circle of life not to forge his wit.
      The past trudged as drudgery in tattered life hoping for future bright.
      The ‘present’ was left to mend its ways by its own tattered plight.
      The game of dark burden goes on playing for eons on the stage called life .

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