The Picture

Melting lollipop

I can see the distances growing, 
The childhood rhymes fading, 
The lollipop memories melting, 
The irreversible gluey drops 
That can’t be savoured nor 
Saved for another day… 

I can sense the gaping holes, 
The frozen icicles in souls, 
The rain-washed, lonely strolls, 
The one-sided page left behind, 
That can’t be imprinted nor 
Scribed for another age… 

I can see the fingers unwinding, 
The held hands departing, 
The dripping dreams returning, 
The new green leaves curling 
Back into their branches – 
A picture of non-existence… 

– May 15th, 2014
© Sana Rose 2014

2 thoughts on “The Picture

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    An tour-de-force capturing and expressing the very quintessence of existentialism.

    ( Minor aesthetic note :- I wonder if the impact of the piece as a whole might gain some additional force if the very last line, ” a picture of non-existence were to be omitted ? )

  2. Sana Rose Post author

    Thank you Louis 🙂
    Yes, perhaps it might, the last line was one that stalled me a bit before writing it. But I think it’s my usual way of making a poem self explanatory or conclusive. A loose end could make such a poem taper and look undone. And I tried but couldn’t come up with a better last line. I don’t know. 🙂 But so glad to see this is in the ICOP list of May… !!!


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