The Peculiarly Painful Predicament of Pandit Papendranath Parmarthy

Perk up , People , this Poem plain
Tells you a tale that tickles tums
A Pious Priest with peptic pain
The Storyteller softly strums

Pious Pandit Papendranath
Had three prayer-functions to perform
After each prayer a hearty meal
Is always served , that is the norm

Now Panditji was potbellied
He had a paunch both large and round
He loved his food so three lunches
Their appropriate places found

But laddoos were Panditji’s love
And after the third lunch was done
The hospitable host did press
On him ten laddoos one by one

Blissfully full Papendranath
Ambled at first then staggered home
Fell on his bed then cried aloud
“ Pushpa, I fear my time has come “

Dyspepsia hit Papendranath
His wife Pushpa too was distraught
She brought a spoon of Eno’s Salt
She had been by experience taught

She thought she’d help Papendranath
“ Here, swallow this,” she said to him
Green to the gills Papendranath
Gave her a look helpless and grim

“ If I had room,” he slowly spake
“ In my stomach for this voodoo
Pushpa , I would have eaten up
At least one more yummy laddoo ! “

Poor Pushpa could not help but laugh
Although in fear of priestly wrath
At this peculiar logic placed
Before her by Papendranath

If ever a laddoo tempts too much
Go for a walk or have a bath
But avoid the predicament
Faced by Pandit

( ASA )

4 thoughts on “The Peculiarly Painful Predicament of Pandit Papendranath Parmarthy

  1. pramilakhadun

    Interesting composition, made me laugh and yet after the loud laughter, I thought a lot about the priests I encountered in my early days of adolescence. Thanks for sharing dear Amita.

  2. amitapaul Post author

    This came from the memory of a Hindi poem in my school textbook when I was in Class V.
    Thank you for your interest and reflection .


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