The Patrolman

Hangdog eyes embellish a black motorbike,
that while canoodling the pathway,
gauchely criss-crosses the bourgeois clique,
of this lifeless habitat.

It is made to halt, at an angry turn,
by an innocent-looking patrolman.

The tired eyes, scrutinize,
a virtuous license, a sinless badge.
And then look up.

The tattered badge,
ashamed and jealous,
of that patrolman, who doesn’t have a face
but only an abstruse structure,
veiled in a gloomy darkness.

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About AR

Amol Redij is a poet and writer from India. He usually prefers writing on dark and existential themes and draws inspiration from Neruda, Camus, Nietzsche, Grace (India), and the likes. He has published 2 collections of poetry. Amol has been featured in magazines and journals of international repute. He has composed over 1000 poems. Amol also writes short fiction. He considered himself to be cinephile and has been a part of 3 award-winning short films in India. He has worked in the capacity of a script supervisor and a dialog writer. Amol is also a theatre enthusiast with a Marathi drama script (unstaged) to his credit. An IT professional with over 15 years of experience in various business operations, Amol quit his employment to pursue writing full-time. When not writing, Amol is enthused in daydreaming and wandering. More about Amol can be read at:

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