The Partridge in the Pear Tree

The partridge in a pear tree
Is it Christ on the Cross ?
It’s Christmastide, dear me ,
Why remember the Loss ?

The Loss of Life on Earth
Is painful to recall
In the Season of Birth
Why think of it at all ?

Ah, but Death on the Cross
Was Birth of Life Eternal
It was all Gain no Loss
Defeat of the Infernal

The Babe that Mary bore
So innocent and meek
Was destined from before
To save the poor and weak

His Path was predetermined
His Birth was for His Death
His Death for all who sinned
Sins paid for by His Breath

And yet we disbelieve
Hurt deeper than the nails
Be sure we make Him grieve
Whenever our Faith fails !

If we love Christ Newborn
Let’s not forget the Cross
Else even Christmas Morn
Will not make good our loss

Hence on Day One of Christmas
My True Love gives to me
Symbol of Christ on Cross
Partridge in a Pear Tree

( ASA )

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