The Other Day

I met a Prince the other day
Distraught about his worth―

“Each passing hour I work to stay
The richest man on earth;
If I should pause for pointless play
I’d lose my golden key!”

I took my leave and walked away,
Relieved he wasn’t me.

I found a Friend the other day
Whose heart was blanched from fear―

“How can this world of grim decay
Spin for another year?
My eyes are filled with murky gray
And see impending doom!”

I turned around to lead the way
But lost him in the gloom.

I saw a Seer the other day
Who claimed to know my fate―

“Alone, you’re sure to go astray
Unless I steer you straight;
The stars and planets show the way
To arcane truth galore!”

I shook my head and walked away,
No wiser than before.

I heard a Fool the other day
Who slurred a ragged tune―

“If I should sober up someday
It would be far too soon;
My spirit is too strong to sway
Without the aid of grog!”

I shook him off and walked away
And left him cloaked in fog.

I walked with Jesus Christ today
And asked what lie ahead―

“About tomorrow, don’t dismay;
Live for today instead!
Inventing debts you cannot pay
Will cause your light to dim.”

I took His hand and vowed to stay
And spend my days with Him.

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